A Community Collaboration: The Farm & The Crown Collection

the farm crown collection cannabis launchBOULDER, Colorado, October 19, 2016 – Beginning Thursday, November 3rd, 2016, Boulder-based craft cannabis dispensary, The Farm, will team up with jewelry and lifestyle gallery, The Crown Collection, for a one-of-a-kind series of micro-batch harvests of artisanal-grade cannabis, each crafted by The Farm’s most fervent grow artists.

Both companies are fueled by their passion for creativity and self-expression. This exciting community collaboration fuses together the Farm’s artful approach to growing some of the finest craft cannabis in Colorado and The Crown Collection’s passion for bringing the most exquisite works of art in jewelry, paintings, and sculptures to Boulder.

“The Crown Collection has been focusing solely on pure and innovative art, and we believe the Farm is doing the same.” says Ryan Rehbock, owner and founder of the Crown Collection. “We are passionate about the artists we work with, and I know the grow artists share that same passion. Bringing something truly special to Boulder is something we both strive for, and feel there’s no better way than through this collaboration.”

The New “Crown Collection Farmers’ Reserve” Cannabis Line.

The Farm will exclusively feature The Crown Collection: Farmers’ Reserve line—an assemblage of three highly potent, small-batch strains. All of the strains produced under Farmers’ Reserve are indica-dominant hybrids, with the exception of Champagne, which has sativa-dominant genetics. The following strains will be available for purchase at their location on Iris Avenue: Amethyst (Blackberry Kush x Sour Bubble), Herkimer OG (Chuckles OG x Sour Bubble), and Rose Quartz (The White x Sour Strawberry). In addition, they will also offer two CO2 concentrates. Fin Des Temps is a rare indica-dominant strain testing at an extremely trenchant 92% THC, and Champagne, a uniquely energetic sativa, testing at 88% THC.

crown collection farmers reserve - amethyst marijuana strain“Amethyst boasts an array of dark green and purple color behind a matrix of shimmering trichomes and brilliant orange hairs,” says Carter Casad, Genetics Specialist and creator of the Farmers’ Reserve line. “With a great balance of head and body effects, it provides a lucid head high that isn’t too overpowering, giving way to a relaxing finish felt in the body.

cannabis strains boulder colorado - crown collection farmers reserve - herkimer marijuana strainHerkimer OG is light green with mostly amber hues that are the result of uninhibited and extreme trichome production. The buds are dense and conical in shape, and appear peppered with diamond dust, leaving you with a fierce head high that carries over into heavy body relaxation.”

Devin Donohoe, Grow Artist at The Farm, says of Rose Quartz: “It cures into tight, almost perfectly round, dense buds. A thick crust of white fuzzy trichome heads conceals purple, red and dark green hues, reminiscent of frost-covered strawberries. It will leave you overwhelmed with the sensation of a powerful and appealing indica high—strong and very relaxing, making it a great way to the end a long day. This one is a gem!”

An exclusive launch event will take place in early November to showcase the art of craft cannabis through this exciting new line of products, with the time and location to be announced soon.

About The Crown Collection

The Crown Collection is the most unique, high-end, visionary art collection located in Boulder, Colorado. Built on a foundation of love, nature and creativity, their exclusive art collection brings together the greatest artists with the rarest specimens this world has to offer. Their founder, Ryan Rehbock, meticulously selects minerals for their exclusivity and unique characteristics; and works with some of the most sought after artisans. The Crown Collection is universal and infinite as it includes jewelry, minerals, paintings, functional glass, photography, sculptures, clothing, digital art, and more.

About The Farm

The Farm cultivates 100% of their own craft cannabis in Boulder, CO, where their team consists of expert growers, master curers, educated bud-tenders, and many more passionate and dedicated members. They employ sustainable growing techniques with small-batch outputs to bring out the best quality of each and every plant. Our goal is to consistently grow high-grade cannabis which produce only the most exceptional aroma, flavor, and effects. In addition to our extensive menu of Farm strains, we also have Boulder’s best selection of cannabis concentrates, including Hummingbird Brand’s CO2 extracted hash oil, bubble hash, rosin, wax and shatter. We also offer a vast array of edibles, topicals, handmade glass accessories and Farm-branded merchandise.

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