Yonder Mountain String Band | Tribute Marijuana Strain | The Farm

The highly acclaimed Colorado-based progressive bluegrass band, Yonder Mountain String Band, has nominated The Farm dispensary, voted Boulder, Colorado’s #1 recreational dispensary, to release their first-ever craft cannabis strain.


The Farm Genetics | Rise ‘n’ Shine Craft Cannabis Strain | Start Your Day Off Bright!

Rise ‘n’ Shine to a bowl of this delicious cross of Green Crack and Sour Bubble. Instantly energizing, like a delicious cup of coffee in the morning, this strain is great when you need to take the edge off, but still get stuff done.


420 Celebration at The Farm 2017 | Harmonia Marijuana Time-Lapse with Daev Finn

This year’s live painting of our CBD:THC 1:1 ratio marijuana strain, Harmonia, by Boulder artist, Daev Finn. Painting took place the week of 4/20/2017 at The Farm Recreational Marijuana Dispensary, Colorado’s best cannabis dispensary.


Essential Extracts Solventless Bubble Hash Wash

Essential Extract’s Solventless Wash of The Farm Dispensary’s Super Lemon Haze and Starkiller cannabis flower, which avoids the solvents competitors use in extracting the hash from the plant.


The Farm Dispensary | Marijuana Mannequin Challenge

The Farm Mannequin Challenge (#MannequinChallenge) with special guests from The Farm Genetics, The Crown Collection and Dope Magazine!


The Crown Collection: Farmers’ Reserve Art | Bryce Widom Time-Lapse

Watch Bryce Widom, Boulder Artist, as he paints our exciting community collaboration with The Crown Collection, fusing the Farm’s artful approach to growing the finest craft cannabis in Colorado with TCC’s passion for art.


Cannabis Grow: Marijuana Seed Germination Time-Lapse

Ever wonder about where cannabis strains originate from? In this marijuana seed germination time-lapse sequence you can see the life of a cannabis plant from its seed form.


420 Holiday Celebration: Tangerine Haze Painting Time-Lapse at The Farm

Check out this very cool LIVE painting that artist Josh Audiss, created over a 4 day period. For 4/20/2016, he painted our Farm Signature strain Tangerine Haze and the results speak for themselves.


The Farm Marijuana Dispensary Tour

“Have you ever visited a marijuana dispensary? Well take a step inside one of Colorado’s premier cannabis dispensaries, The Farm! The Farm is a locally owned…Watch now…”


How To Fill Your Vape Pen

“Cannabis oil extraction is a method to derive THC, cannabinoids and terpene concentrates from raw plant matter to produce a hash or oil, which delivers marijuana consumers a stronger dosage than smoking the traditional bud.”


Cannabis Commercial for The Farm

“As an ambassador for ending cannabis prohibition, we encourage everyone to get involved and be a force behind the movement. We will continue to blaze the path, acting as a positive role model in the quest to end the negative perception of cannabis.”


Hummingbird Brand Hash Oil CO2 Extraction

Cannabis extraction is a method to derive THC, cannabinoid and terpene concentrates from raw plant matter to produce a hash or oil, which delivers marijuana consumers a stronger dosage than smoking the traditional bud.


How to Use Recreational Marijuana Without Breaking the Law

Since Colorado legalized recreational marijuana, anybody who is 21-years-old and over and has a valid government-issued photo ID, can legally purchase marijuana.


Gigi Ganjay’s Shopping Spree at The Farm

Gigi Ganjay goes to The Farm in Boulder, CO, to buy glass pipes and marijuana accessories. Thanks to the Farm, Gigi Ganjay goes home with that “satisfied, satiated feeling” knowing that she has “everything she needs for a good time.”

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