The First Annual Grow-Off Cannabis Cup

April 6, 2017

2017 grow-off-cannabis cup competition - award-winning strain - race fuel ogLookout world, there’s a new cannabis cup in town!

This past Saturday marked the first ever Colorado cannabis industry “Grow-Off,” a competition that crowns itself to be the “Iron Chef” of growing cannabis, according to founder, Jake Browne. The competition, presented by Grownetics, Cultivate and Botanicare differs from most, which are frequently criticized by industry leaders for their judging standards.

The Grow-Off uses a very strict judging process that involves science; unlike other cannabis competitions, which are typically judged by a panel of cannabis connoisseurs and are thus more subjective.

Based on measurable lab results, with help from TEQ Analytics, a third-party testing company located in the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Center, several awards and cash prizes were handed out to winners in three categories: flavor, potency, and yield. Only companies with a commercial grow license were allowed to enter this elite Colorado cannabis competition.

Six months ago, the initial 43 Grow-Off cannabis cup contestants were given the exact same “mystery clone,” which they were allowed grow, cultivate, cure, in any way they desired. The Grow Off team routinely stopped by each competitor to make sure that the rules were being followed accordingly. Only 32 final entries made it into the final phase – see images of all finalist competition nugs here and in this Grow-Off Cannabis Cup poster.

Four of our Craft Cannabis master growers at The Farm stayed in tune with each plant, day after day working intelligently and diligently for 6 months, to make sure each plant was worthy of being a winner of this prestigious cannabis cup.

On Saturday, April 1st, 2017, around 9:30 p.m., Jake Browne announced that the “mystery strain” was in fact “Race Fuel OG,” a cross between “High Octane OG” and “Face Off OG. The Farm came away with an honorable 3rd place finish in two categories. Blair Ness (@blairnessproject – IG) won for the Flavor category, with the third highest amount of terpenes, and Ryan Brauchler (@king.kronic – IG) won 3rd place in the Yield category.

You can purchase this award-winning strain, testing at around 21% THC, exclusively in Boulder at The Farm now (while supplies last). Starting on 4/20/17, for one week only, Race Fuel OG will be our Strain of the Week. Shop during that week to get any quantity of Race Fuel OG at 20% off our regular prices.

And now, for The 2017 Grow-Off Winners…

the 2017 growoff marijuana competition winners

The Farm team, happy and proud! Picture courtesy of Andy Colwell.


1st place – The Herbal Cure

2nd place – The Clinic

3rd place – The Farm


1st place – High Country Healing

2nd place – The Clinic

 3rd place – The Farm


1st place – The Herbal Cure

2nd place – Veritas

3rd place – Northern Lights

Due to the popularity and success of the first-ever recreational Grow-Off 2017, the Founders (Jake Browne, Samantha Sandt, and Sohum Shah) have decided to hold a Medical Grow-Off. Entries are currently open to licensed medical growers in the state of Colorado. For more information, please email

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