Two Leading Boulder Companies Concoct Delicious Knick Knacks – The Growing Kitchen & The Farm

The Growing Kitchen

To get into the proper head space for our weekend camping trip, my partner and I ate one of The Farm’s sativa Knick Knacks.

We began by each biting one of the ten-milligram pieces from the thirty-milligram confection. We split the remaining third of the Knick Knack, which topped us out at fifteen milligrams apiece.

Made by one of the foremost brands of cannabis edibles, The Growing Kitchen, Knick Knacks are the perfect combination of savory and sweet. Using their top-notch recipe and The Farm’s hash oil–Hummingbird Brand CO2 Cannabis Oil–these little marijuana snacks are absolutely delicious!

With hash oil running through our veins, we efficiently–and enjoyably–organized all the necessary items for our camping trip. There was a fifteen-minute intermission for giggling, screaming, and making strange noises. The Knick Knacks had us in stitches and we couldn’t help ourselves.

Knick Knacks make for excellent marijuana snacks for people on the go. Grab the orange label when you want a functional high. Reach for the purple when looking to chillax and take it easy.

TheFarm_Indica_KnickKnacks_MEDSo if your plan is to have fun this weekend, be sure to take it up a notch. Eat. Hike. Cook. Get some sun. Read. And eat more Knick Knacks.

Available exclusively at The Farm Recreational Dispensary in Boulder, Colorado.



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