Mary’s Medicinals – The Remedy

by Dylan Alito

The Remedy Mary's Medicinals by Coltyn


I became a Mary’s Medicinals fan when I started to nurse pestering pain left over from a snowboard accident; the topical cream, CBD Muscle Freeze, was great to target the painful places directly.

With this new method of consumption, however, The Remedy 1:1 by Coltyn tincture by Mary’s Medicinals was to be induced by mouth, which ended up creating a harmonious euphoric feeling in my entire body.

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Usually, I’m not a fan of edibles, as it can be easy to take too much and become uncomfortably intoxicated. Mary’s Medicinals is a company I truly feel sticks by its name, as their products aren’t meant to give you an overwhelming “high.”

They create a product that nurtures your medicinal needs; at no time, using either of these products, was I proverbially “stoned.” The medicine does its job for pain management, so you’re still mentally and physically capable of tackling your typical daily challenges.

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This product contains a 1:1 CBD to THC content; this equal ratio helps provide the entourage effect. It is measured at 2mg per .25 ml with a gauge on the dropper that makes it easy to measure the proper dosage. The tincture is administered by sublingual means, and has a faint earthy flavor with no lingering after taste, making it super smooth!

As the medicine dissolved under my tongue, the pain I’d been suffering in my knee, quickly melted away with it. The mind-body sensation it brought on was physically effective, yet mellow mentally. I never felt paranoia or sluggishness, rather the high was energetic and playful, with no come down.

I would highly and confidently recommend The Remedy to anyone, whether they are battling illness, injury or just a recreational consumer. Not only has it become one of my new favorite products on the market, but it may also be my new favorite method of consuming marijuana.

With everything from the compact bottle, easy measuring of exact dosage, no taste or smell, and great effects, this product is an all-around winner!

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Dylan Alito, Contributing writer for The Farm and extreme snowboard athlete.Dylan Alito reviewed The Remedy, by Mary’s Medicinals. He is a contributing writer for The Farm, an Evergreen, Colorado native, and an avid extreme snowboard athlete.

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