Striving to be One Tough Mudder

One Tough Mudder: cannathlete Nicholas Allmond with teammate

Just after completing the race of his life—The World’s Toughest Mudder—Nicholas Allmond wrote this anecdote about his experience as a Tough Mudder in November of 2017. In this article, our first installation of our What’s Your Craft series, we feature a top cannathlete who’s competed in some of the world’s most grueling obstacle course races. (Do you want to be featured on our social media channels and website? Submit your cannabis success story on our What’s Your Craft page!)

Last week was my big race of the season, World’s Toughest Mudder in Las Vegas. As advertised, it completely kicked mine and the other 1,700 athletes’ rear! This was my 4th year competing in this event and after a huge season, I had high hopes.

Together, with my Canadian brother, we gave it our all. From lap 1 to lap 14, we held 3rd place. On the last mile of the race, we were passed by another team and had to settle with 4th place. Neither my Partner nor I could breathe from all the sand blowing around, combined with our tight wet-suits.

Our pace dropped significantly during the last 15 miles of the race. Had we been able to push late, as planned, 1st or 2nd was all ours. That’s the way it goes in this race, though, and next year I will be back for vengeance. At the end of the day out of 1,700+ athletes we placed 4th with 70 miles and completed just under 300 obstacles in 24 hours.

One Tough Mudder of a Season

One Tough Mudder in action: Cannathlete Nicholas AllmondMy Tough Mudder season actually started off many months before, in Atlanta. Tough Mudder started a new race series called Toughest Mudder and CBS filmed then broadcasted each event. This was extremely exciting to me and I got hard to work. Of the 6 regional events, I raced 3 of them. South (Atlanta), Northeast (Philly) and Midwest (Chicago).

Toughest Mudder South was the beginning of my aggressive Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) season. I towed the line with some of the baddest athletes from aroun

d the country; pretty sure there were almost 700 people at this event. After eight hours, I placed 8th and made a huge statement in the OCR world. CBS then contacted me before my next Toughest race, Northeast. They asked me to come in and interview before the race and named me as an athlete to watch. Huge exposure that I wasn’t used to, but it only fueled the fire.

Once again the gun went off at midnight and this time over 800 athletes and I gave it our all, until 8am. When the dust settled I found myself in 10th place. I did it again! I can’t explain how happy I was to find myself in the top ten once again with such world class athletes.

The last regional race of my season was Midwest and CBS was hyping me up. I interviewed for this race and had several friends pitting for me. In my head all I wanted was 1 more top-ten finish. I looked at is as “my little hat trick: 3 regional events and 3 top 10 finishes.” I was hell-bent on it, frankly.

Worlds Toughest 4th place Vegas 2017 - Tough Mudder Nicholas Allmond

At midnight the gun went off and I took off! I’ve never run so fast in my life. At mile two, I looked and couldn’t see a soul. I dropped the hammer at that point and went for the green sprint lap champi

on bib. Out of over 1,000 racers that night, I ran the fastest 5-mile first loop in a time of 32 minutes and secured the sprint lap win! I was blown away with the mini win. I settled into a rhythm after this and raced hard, yet smart. Eight a.m. came and once again I was in 10th place. I’d done it!

CBS made a big deal of my sprint lap win and used about 2 mins of my interview in their TV special. They showcased my sprint lap win and crew preforming work on me before I headed back out for more. This was the first time I’d made TV, but surely not the last. I can’t stop thinking about how cool it would have been to have all four members of my pit crew rocking The Farm hats and getting exposure for pro-cannabis athletes on CBS!

Training for the Toughest Mudder

Those 4 Races were my “A” races of the Tough Mudder season. Basically, this meant they were the races for which I trained explicitly all year long. I also ran some Ultra Marathons in preparation. By no means was I racing these events for placement. More or less, I was there to get my legs ready for the races I went into detail above. My “B” races are epic and frankly hard as hell! I pick them to toughen me up, and put me into situations I am not comfortable with.

Georgia Death Race was the first one. Actually, how I even heard of The Farm was through one of your athletes, Avery Collins. After his huge win at the Georgia Death Race, there was a lot of talk about him using PEDs (cannabis) and I heard his interview on a podcast. Avery is an inspiration and put himself out there. After seeing his example, I came out to the community that I also was a pro-cannabis athlete, and always have been. I did well at the Death Race, but nobody was keeping up with Avery!

Next, I placed 4th at a local 12-hour race called the Loopy Loop. This is going to sound kind of odd, but my last “B” race was my biggest challenge to date. The race is called Tahoe 200. I had no idea what I was getting into, but it seemed like a great 4-day training camp for World’s Toughest Mudder, so I went for it.

I ran for 70 hours and slept for 14 hours and finished in the top 15% of the field. Not so bad, for a guy who was just out there having fun. I’d really like to go back to this race and give it my all. Sleep for an hour maybe 2 and send it. I’m sure I can crack into the top-5 here. That basically wraps up my season of racing for 2017.

For next year, I have already been working on my schedule. Things can always change, but the events I’m looking at doing are: Georgia Death Race, Toughest Mudder Midwest-Michigan, West, South and Scotland, Western States 100 miler (need to win entry via lottery), Hellbender 100, and lastly, World’s Toughest Mudder (aired on CBS). As you can see, big things coming in 2018!

Before I Joined the Tough Mudder

Long before I joined the Tough Mudder competitions, I used cannabis. Now I use cannabis as a training aid and I am proud of it. Cannabis does not make you a lazy stoner, that is a bunch of crap and I want to prove it!

In 2008, Michigan passed medical cannabis laws. I had been using cannabis my entire adult life and I knew this was for me. I went to Caregiver school where a bunch of growers from California and Colorado taught us how to grow. I absolutely loved it! Within a month of graduating I had purchased the home and turned the two-car garage into a sick grow. I had a bloom room with over 10k watts and my vegetation room was roughly half that size.

I grew for a local dispensary and was also their main edible supplier. My mother actually helped out with the edibles, such a good baker! Our edibles became so popular I had to convert my mom’s basement into another grow so we were able to keep supplies up for Bazonzoes, the dispensary we believed in. This lasted about 9 years for us.

Tough Mudder Nicholas Allmond w/fiance Olivia Dungey

Unfortunately, the laws here in Michigan have been operating in a grey area. Dispensaries were not allowed or prohibited. About a year ago, the Sheriff came to town and closed most all of them outside of Detroit down. This included Bazonzoes. My grow was also now considered too large and I chose to stop growing.

It was a hard call, but I pulled the plug on a very successful and fun operation. At this time, I knew that Michigan was no longer for me.

Just 2 months ago, Olivia, my fiance and I headed west to Tahoe, then Colorado. We decided to move to Colorado, as soon as we got there. Just love everything about it! So now were are in the process of fixing up a few small things on our home and selling it, so the sale will be giving us the opportunity to do many things in Colorado.

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