Aspire to Craft Your Path in 2018!

avery collins ultra marathon trainingEarly in 2017, The Farm joined forces with a rising star in the sport of ultramarathon running. Magnifying canna-athlete Avery Collins would help eradicate the long-proclaimed myth, by marijuana opponents, that cannabis consumption was synonymous with a lack of motivation.

Since the end of cannabis prohibition in Colorado in 2009, The Farm has been on a mission to carve out the path for adults to consume cannabis responsibly. Stomping out the “stoner stigma,” has inevitably been a primary focus for our company.

In this blog, we look back at Avery’s accomplishments throughout 2017—each one achieved through incessant dedication to practice, a passionate desire to be number one in the world, and a keen affinity to the many benefits of cannabis.

Whether you endeavor to take up ultramarathon running or simply plan to craft your own path by doing something different this year, we hope Avery’s story serves as inspiration to stick to your vision and see it to fruition in 2018—whatever your new year’s goal may be.

In the Zone

It is well-known that around the world, cannabis has been consumed for medicinal purposes for almost as long as human history has been recorded—from treating epilepsy and glaucoma, to dealing with PTSD and chronic pain (to name a few).

Ultramarathon training supplementBut what has not been promulgated with as much fervor is that brilliant, contributing members of society, including those who have achieved high levels of success, have also consumed cannabis recreationally for years. From lawyers, engineers and entrepreneurs, to writers, athletes, and every walk of life in between, responsible marijuana consumption continues to have its place in the lives of millions of people.

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Ultramarathon runner, Avery Collins, is one such person. With cannabis, he has found the perfect balance between being in the zone for trail-running uber-long distances and dealing with pain and inflammation afterwards.

Avery believes prudence is best when using cannabis for the first time. “It’s best to just keep adding on slowly as opposed to starting high and decreasing.” Avery adds that he never consumes during an ultra race, because he can never be sure how his body will deal with cannabis when he hits the 70th mile of a race.

Here’s a look back at how Avery’s motivation and perseverance allowed him to perform this year.

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Georgia Death Race Ultramarathon

  • Avery’s Finish: 1st Place
  • Avery’s Time: 11:58:19 (hours:minutes:seconds)
  • Location: North Georgia Mountains
  • Distance: Approximately 70 miles; 112 kilometers
  • Elevation Change: 28,000 ft. total
  • Date of Race: April 1, 2017


Quest for the Crest 50k Ultramarathon

  • Avery’s Finish: 1st Place
  • Avery’s Time: 6:45:50
  • Location: Black Mountains of Western North Carolina
  • Distance: Approximately 31 miles; 50 kilometers
  • Elevation Change: 11,300 ft of elevation gain; 11,700 ft of descent
  • Date of Race: May 20, 2017


Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run

  • Ultramarathon Runner Avery Collins 2017 Western States 100Avery’s Finish: 6th Place
  • Avery’s Time: 17:37:11
  • Location: Squaw Valley to Auburn, California
  • Distance: Approximately 100 miles, 161 kilometers
  • Elevation Change: 18,090 ft of elevation gain; 22,970 of descent
  • Date of Race: June 24, 2017


Hahn’s Peak Hill Climb

  • Ultramarathon 2017 Grindstone 100 Race Avery Collins wins kissAvery’s Finish: 1st Place
  • Avery’s Time: 58:54
  • Location: Steamboat Springs, Colorado
  • Distance: 7.3 miles; 11.75 kilometers
  • Elevation Change:  2,000 ft of elevation gain, 2,000 ft. of descent
  • Date of Race: July 8, 2017


Continental Divide 50k Ultramarathon

  • Avery’s Finish: 1st Place
  • Avery’s Time: 4:18:00
  • Location: Steamboat Springs, Colorado
  • Distance: 31 miles; 50 kilometers
  • Elevation Change: 6,000 ft. of elevation gain
  • Date of Race: August 26, 2017


Grindstone 100 Mile Ultramarathon

  • Avery’s Finish: 1st Place
  • Avery’s Time: 18:40:37
  • Location: Swoope, Virginia
  • Distance: 100 miles; 161 kilometers
  • Elevation Change: 23,000 ft. of elevation gain, 23,000 ft. of descent.
  • Date of Race: October 6, 2017


Get Ready to Craft Your Path in 2018

As Avery begins yet another epic year of ultramarathon running—he will be kicking off the year by competing in the HURT100 Endurance Run on January 13, 2018 in Honolulu, Hawaii—we look forward to supporting this dedicated, inspirational canna-athlete who is helping to dispel negative cannabis stereotypes.

The Farm will begin another star-studded year leading the cannabis normalization movement in 2018. We’ll continue to produce the purest, finest cannabis in the world, procure the best cannabis products in Colorado, provide excellence in service and education to our guests, and contribute to making our Boulder community more amazing every day.

We hope you, too, are inspired to make a mark in your own life this year. We wish you the energy to reinvent yourself, the willpower to keep after your dreams, and the perseverance to succeed. Happy 2018!

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