The State of Colorado has specific guidelines that determine the validity of an ID and what is an acceptable form of valid ID to use to purchase cannabis. To be clear on what form of identification you need to bring along, please see the information below.

A valid Identification must include:

  • Individual Name
  • Photo
  • Current Address
  • Expiration Date (not expired)
  • Birthdate which indicates an age of 21 or older
  • In good condition (no cracks, chips, damage or inability to read essential information)
  • Security formatting associated with that particular form of identification (seal, watermark, logo, paper type, etc…)

Types of valid ID that are accepted include:

These types of identification are not considered a form of valid ID and are not accepted:

Note: Not all ID’s that are not accepted are noted here.

  • Permanent Resident Cards
  • International ID Cards
  • Non-Colorado Temporary Driver’s License Paperwork
  • Employment Authorization Card
  • Government Agency ID
  • Offender ID Card

Example of a State Issued, Colorado valid ID:

 valid ID, Colorado valid ID

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