Vote “Yes” on 300: One Step Closer to Creating a Cannabis Lovers’ Paradise

smoking in public denver colorado yes ordinance 300Election day is a time-honored tradition for heated debates—sometimes between friends and family—an overload of opinions on Facebook, and a smattering of bumper stickers that might later harbor some regrets. While we are all well aware that the presidential election is coming up, the media attention to it may have cast a shadow over an important local issue for our industry.

On November 8th, the city of Denver, Colorado is excited to be voting on Ordinance 300, Denver’s Neighborhood-Supported Cannabis Consumption Pilot Program (NSCCPP), proposes to allow locals and tourists to consume cannabis publicly.

  • A “yes” vote supports temporarily allowing most businesses to establish certain designated areas or designated venues in which marijuana could be consumed.
  • A “no” vote opposes allowing such designated areas for public consumption of marijuana.

Public smoking in denver YES 300This NSCCPP proposal will allow adults, 21 and up, to enjoy their recreationally-purchased products in neighborhoods that will offer a safe place for public consumption. For a business, like an apartment complex or bar, to be zoned for cannabis consumption, they must first get permission from both their registered neighborhood organization and the business improvement district. A strict distance of 1,000 feet from schools and public parks will still be implemented.

This means there will be areas of the city where public cannabis consumption will be allowed, as well as areas where it will be prohibited. This new program gives Denver neighborhoods the ability to decide where it is and is not appropriate.

The 4-year pilot program proposed has been written in a way that will allow changes to be made during its trial period. This proposal offers a compromise between pro-cannabis and anti-cannabis advocates, which has the potential to create a healthy relationship between the two groups in Denver.

The amount of support for this program comes as no surprise to the cannabis community, as many believe creating safe places to partake in cannabis may be highly beneficial. There are over 100 local businesses backing the ordinance, along with support from Colorado State Senator, Irene Aguilar, and State Representative Jonathan Singer.

Freedom to Consume

Can you smoke in public in coloradoIf this ordinance passes, locals who voted in favor of Amendment 64, but who have been unable to consume cannabis inside of their own homes due to lease agreements or homeowners’ association rules, will now have a legal, public space to exercise their freedom to consume. Public cannabis consumption doesn’t just affect the people of Denver, it also affects the thousands of tourists who come to Colorado to enjoy cannabis and find themselves with few legal places to do so.

By setting respectable restrictions on the location of cannabis use in businesses, the illegal use in public is likely to decrease drastically. Colorado was one of the first to allow recreational cannabis. Voting YES on 300, would move Colorado toward the obvious next step—creating a well-executed cannabis lover’s paradise.

Written by Helena Starks. Edited by The Farm editors.

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